Straight Consult s.r.o.

Why Straight Consult?

What you can rely on:

  • Professionalism
    • Team of experts with long professional experience within the industry.
    • Accent on expertise and on application of proven techniques and methodologies.
    • Opportunity to use reliable contacts and quality data sources form various European countries.
  • Honesty.
    • Courage to tell even unwelcome truth and willingness to solve the situation with the client.
    • Disinterestedness, confidentiality and high ethical standards.
  • Straightforwardness and service rate
    • Orientation to specific need of clients.
    • Preference of content to form.
    • Accent on added value for clients and ability to swiftly and smoothly implement our deliverables.
  • Favourable value for money
    • Reasonable prices reflecting time consumption of services, related costs and potential risks.
  • Pragmatism
    • Preference of long-term business relationships based on mutual trust and respect, from which both the client and the consultant benefits.

What no need to be afraid of:

  • Unrealistic promises and assumptions in our proposals.
  • Ambitions exceeding real capacities
    • We do not try to advice in areas, where we do not have sufficient expertise.
  • Un-adequacy of prices arising from high overhead costs.
  • Baseless changes in content, extent and procedures in contract fulfilment compared to original assumptions mentioned in our proposals.
  • Amateurishness of the project team arising from either inexperience or separation from professional reality.
  • Unwillingness to acknowledge a mistake and do away with deficiencies.
    • We are only human beings and despite all possible effort and energy spent on our professional work, we sometimes do mistakes, are not afraid to acknowledge mistakes and we spare no effort to execute prompt remedy.
Straight Consult
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